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unglossing fashion: exploring alternative narratives

Presentation of performance pieces and published works at the “Unglossing Fashion: Exploring Alternative Narratives” exhibition in Museum Arnhem.

Photography by IZTOK KLANČAR

In the exhibition Unglossing Fashion: Towards Alternative Narratives, Generation 31 of Master Critical Fashion Practices showcased their graduation projects.

The nine projects showed, share the fundamental intention to uncover hidden narratives and untold stories that lie buried beneath the dominant fashion system. Through explorations of alternative modes and frameworks for making, doing, seeing, thinking, and experiencing  fashion and clothes, the participants of Generation 31 aim to ungloss the standardised ideals and modes of production that mainstream fashion perpetuates. Unglossing fashion involves unveiling the facade of the industrial fashion system, and forging new paths to navigate its complexities. Unglossing can even lead to the development of multiple fashion systems that form new networks outside of the constraints of capital.   

The exhibition featured my project titled "How to Subvert The Straight-Line.”  In this project, I aim to push the boundaries of our comprehension of queerness within the capitalist global framework, shedding light on how late-stage capitalism commodifies and regulates queerness.

Unglossing Fashion: Towards Alternative Narratives was on show from Tuesday June 27 until Sunday July 2, hosted by Generation 31 of MA Critical Fashion Practices.