Performance - Workshopping 

antidisciplinary workshop of care 

During their Master Education in Critical Fashion Practices, Tjerre Lucas worked collaboratively in the collective Generation.31. They actively worked as a curator, writer, textual editor and contributor in the design and publishing of the Antidisciplinary Workbook Of Care . In invitation, the publication was activated in a workshop format during the State of Fashion Biennale 2022 | Ways of Caring as the Antidisciplinary Workshop Of Care.

During the Antidisciplinary Workshop of Care's workshop, we intended to re-establishour bonds with care as a vital force to find abalance with our worldly surroundings.We provided a platform in which to explore waysof collectively incorporating care into ourcurrent modes of living, working and being.The central space of the exhibition was filledin with a 'testimonial of care' made of several tee shirts and fabric embroidered together ina joint endeavour. An installation-like settingslowly emerged through the participants hands and the immersive experience of embroideringand listening. The installation Portrayed Generation.31’s interpertation of care in aplayful manner, transporting the visitor to aplace of abstract understanding and to a concretemethod of carefully working


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