Tjerre Lucas Bijker (1999).  

performative embodied research practitioner. 
artistic (design) researcher.  writer

Tjerre Lucas Bijker composes different perspectives on the subversive and queer body in fashion. While working as a fashion practitioner, artistic and embodied researcher, writer, and self-publisher, they operate at the intersection of queer movements, fashion systems, and phenomenology. Their work is often engaging and participatory, taking shape in performances, texts, workshops, and publications, while employing work methodologies of embodied research, design research, self-publishing, image and object analysis, counter-archiving and participatory research.
Tjerre Lucas aims to critique how capitalist intervention and industrialized fashion impose normalized images on non-normative (gender) identities, bodies, and sexualities. Hence, their work explores sites of friction between the situatedness of the body in fashion and society, and where it aims to go beyond.

Tjerre Lucas, based in Utrecht (NL) has a background in Fashion Design (BA, HKU) and Critical Fashion Practices (MA, ArtEZ). They have published their work via various zines, which include How to Subvert the Straight-Line and (De-)Ornament; Critical study of Binary Codes as a System of Ornaments. Their work has also been published in  BRAIDS, and has been shown at State of Fashion 2022, Camp Queer, Landhuis Oud Amelisweerd, AG (Ruimte voor nieuwe kunst en media) and Pineapple. They collaborated as a research assistant, graphic designer, writer and producer with Hanka van der Voet on the Library of Unruly Fashion Practices, which was presented during ‘Ways of Caring – Practicing solidarity’ International Fashion Conference (2022).