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braids - queer braiding circle

In January 2023, Beuys Bois published BRAIDS, which includes an authored text and activity by Tjerre Lucas Bijker titled “Queer Braiding Circle."
Tjerre Lucas Bijker’s contribution of the “Queer Braiding Circle” was previously published in Antidisciplinary Workbook of Care by Gen.31.

Within this Queer Braiding Circle we share food, drink wine and share stories. We venture and explore stories of being queer. We gossip about the ‘given’ and we care for our comrades' hair. While participating in such a practice, a broad spectrum of bodies queers themselves towards a ‘queer’ community, kinship and a familiar bond.

Suddenly, a rhythm started to dance. The quiet atmosphere that used to surround us fades away into heartfelt whispers. Their tone is incriminating though — our ears are likely on fire, our voices are positively rumbling and our hands are dancing to their drum —  it grabs my attention, focusing more on the hair I am braiding. We huddle around each other, leaning towards our comrades, whispering, peeking around to see if anyone’s listening. No one is. At this moment we are utterly alone, alone with our comrades. Fueling a fire of deviation. We danced, we shared, we loved and we braided

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